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Privacy Policy (Updated 23/08/2018)

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Been Love Memory - Love Counter very serious about respecting the privacy of the user. While using our app, we may collect and use your information to improve the quality of applications, brings the best applications for users. We will do everything possible to protect the privacy of your information, ensure the safety regulations on information security.

We recommend reading the detailed "Privacy Policy" to be able to understand about: what information we collect, we collect and use your information like. With the installation and use of our applications means that you agree to the terms of the "Privacy Policy". If you do not agree to the "Privacy Policy" of us, we recommend that you remove and do not use the application.

I. About the collection and use of information
1. The information collected includes:
1.1 Information on your device including device name, operating system version, information about display resolution, user event, app version is used.
1.2 The information "Log" error when using the application
1.3 Personal Email feedback
1.4 Information on the location, information about avatars, wallpapers via camera and open the device's Gallery.

2. Use the following information:
- We use the information in paragraph (1.1) to help improve the quality of the application; recorded and monitored using functional needs of the user to make adjustments accordingly. Notify users about updates and new functionality for users to access.
- Information section (1.2): improves application, detect and correct errors promptly encountered.
- Information section (1.3): helps get back to the user; guide and support the user in case they get stuck feedback when using the application.
- Information section (1.4): Catering to the application's functions: displaying avatars, location.

II. Crawl like?
- Note: Before using the application are notified ask for permission to grant: CAMERA, STORAGE, LOCATION. If the user does not agree may refuse to grant the right to use, we absolutely must.
- Information collected section 1.1 when users install and use the mobile app
- Information Section 1.2, 1.3 only we collect when users send feedback via e-mail requests from management applications
- Information on the name, nickname, avatar, love our dates are not collected and the information will be stored on the user's device.
- Information on the saved location to serve the function display with user friends around you and notice the new classification of functions to send the right people in the different countries of the language

III. Information security
- We absolutely do not use the information for purposes of individual users as well as to recognize the illegal or spam, phishing harmful to users.
- Applications can use a PIN lock to avoid the use is not allowed from outside users.
- The use facebook account login to share photos to Facebook applications we use the Facebook SDK available supply and not use any applications provide 3rd party to account hijacking, as well as user information.

IV. Responsibilities of users
- Only install and use applications you've read and agree to the "Privacy Policy" Our
- The information section 1.2, 1.3 is the user voluntarily provided (including use of functions on fanpage, feedback), users consider before using
- Information Section 1.4 only collected when users use the functionality of applications that users can not use the functions if you disagree with the terms.
- Users have absolutely not an act of sabotage, using the application on the illegal, fraudulent or spam.

V. How the user can request data deletion?
There are 2 ways to delete user data:
Method 1: Completely uninstall the application installed on the device.
Method 2:
Step 1: Go to Apps in your device's settings
Step 2: Click on the application Been Love Memory
Step 3: Click Storage
Step 4: Click on Clear data
VI. Application Policy Change
- Any change in policy will be our application updated on changes in the first part of the article, users should be updated regularly to keep track of changes in policy.

VII. Supporting Information
- Email support: